Sunday, 25 November 2012

Le Riz: Raddish Cake, Laksa, Noodles

We were originally going to eat at What8ver Café but decided to head to another restaurant when we were told that there was a 30 minute wait. Fortunately there were many options to choose from in that mall and we chose Le Riz Asian Fusion Café in the end.

Despite being a Friday night, there weren't many people here so the seating was comfortably spaced out. The fusion menu included items from different types of Asian cuisines to fish and chips. I would say it's closer to a Hong Kong style café with some Western items like fries and calamari.

I ordered the Stir-Fry Raddish Cake which came with plenty of green pea sprouts and tasted slightly spicy. It was a good snack sized meal since I wasn't too hungry.

Raddish Cake

My friends ordered noodle soups, curry beef tendon, and a coconut grass jelly drink. The curry of the beef tendon was pretty spicy and had slices of bamboo and fried tofu in it.

Beef Tendon

Laksa Noodle Soup

Seafood Noodle Soup with Pork

Grass Jelly Drink
Overall, Le Riz is a good restaurant for a quick meal and even for large groups since it is quite spacious compared to other restaurants in the same area.

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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Capstone: Cheese & Chocolate Fondue

The last Capstone I visited was the Richmond location and tonight I visited the Robson Street location. It was filled with customers when we arrived at 6pm and even with pre-made reservation we had to wait a little while.

We tried two drinks, one was a Blueberry Shaken Iced Tea and the other was a Strawberry Banana Frappe. Both were good but slightly too sweet especially paired with chocolate fondue.

The cheese fondue was swiss cheese and tasted slightly sweet. It may have had some chicken broth in it but I'm not sure. I liked the bread and pretzels best with the cheese.

The chocolate fondue was very rich and filling. We chose almond and peanut pieces for dips. The ice cream flavours were mango, black seasame, and green tea. When I ate at the Richmond location the green tea ice cream was so rich in matcha flavour but this time it was lacking so the black seasame was the best for me tonight. In general the chocolate fondue tasted better than the cheese one.

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Pork Belly Beer House: Korean BBQ

Some friends and I were talking about Korean BBQ so I searched online for restaurants around Vancouver and the name Pork Belly Beer House stood out.

It is a small restaurant with mostly Korean customers which is a good sign if locals eat here!
There's only one choice on the menu which is the $15 all you can eat. There were pork slices, beef bulgogi, kimchi soup, rice, lettuce, kimchi, egg and sausage, and assorted soda.

Eating here was a little like eating in a Korean family's home because it was so laid back.
All the meat was already precooked and marinated with wine. We only put it on the grill to reheat and form grill marks.

The walls are filled with signatures and writing so we added our own as well :)

Overall the food is not the most delicious and the menu variety is far from plentiful but I enjoyed my meal  here where we just ate as much as we wanted and shared stories.

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