Sunday 4 November 2012

Pork Belly Beer House: Korean BBQ

Some friends and I were talking about Korean BBQ so I searched online for restaurants around Vancouver and the name Pork Belly Beer House stood out.

It is a small restaurant with mostly Korean customers which is a good sign if locals eat here!
There's only one choice on the menu which is the $15 all you can eat. There were pork slices, beef bulgogi, kimchi soup, rice, lettuce, kimchi, egg and sausage, and assorted soda.

Eating here was a little like eating in a Korean family's home because it was so laid back.
All the meat was already precooked and marinated with wine. We only put it on the grill to reheat and form grill marks.

The walls are filled with signatures and writing so we added our own as well :)

Overall the food is not the most delicious and the menu variety is far from plentiful but I enjoyed my meal  here where we just ate as much as we wanted and shared stories.

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