Saturday, 26 January 2013

Tin Tin: Another new dimsum restaurant!

Tin Tin Seafood Harbour Restaurant opened just this past Monday on January 21st. It is in the exact location of the former popular Chinese restaurant, Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant which has now moved to River Rock.

Seating was quite comfortable and roomy. The place was bright and everything was new. If you pay before 11am, the bill is 20% off.

Overall this restaurant's price and food quality is not as high as the former restaurant at this location. The majority of the dishes I tried today were quite good except for the rice roll which was overdone so the texture was a bit rough.

Scallop Taro Dumpling

Fruffles Dumplings - Fish & black truffle

Fish Fillet Rice Roll

Steam Chicken Buns with Shrimp

Fish Bones in Chili Sauce

Baked Durian Pastry
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Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Eatery: Spider Roll!

As a restaurant quite close to UBC I've heard about The Eatery many times before and tried it last week! The decor does live up to its hype. It's not photographed very well here because it's quite dark but there are a lot of quirky things hanging off the wall, many of which are Japanese inspired.

The menu is quite extensive with many, many rolls to choose from so if you're indecisive you should probably check out the menu online before heading to the restaurant. I ordered the Spider Roll which has fried soft shell crab in the roll. Overall I liked it but it didn't have the surprising factor like the decor.

Spider Roll

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