Sunday 19 August 2012

Empire Chinese Cuisine: Sponge Cake & Dumplings

This past weekend we went to Empire Chinese Cuisine which was pretty crowded because they offered complimentary tea and 20% off for early bird dim sum.

The four of us shared 6 dishes of dim sum and were comfortably full.

Peanut & pork rib congee
Steamed squid paste chicken patty with rice
 I suppose black truffle is supposed to be very fragrant but it did not enhance these dumplings. They just tasted like average vegetarian mushroom dumplings.

Black truffle mushroom dumplings

Vegetable pork dumplings

Steamed bean curd pork roll

Steamed custard sponge cake
Overall the food was all right with the exception of the sponge cake. Usually they are steamed into one loaf instead of divided into layers like at Empire so that it is very fluffy and soft. However, this cake was too solid to be considered a spongey texture.

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  1. Your blog about Chinese food is really awesome and this food looks delicious . Thanks for sharing your experiences. I like Chinese food very much and i have tried many Chinese recipes which i got from youtube and many other website. I like visiting Chinese restaurants in weekend.