Sunday 10 March 2013

Vivacity: 2 Way Peking Duck

The last few times I ate at Vivacity Restaurant was for dim sum in the morning but last Sunday we came for dinner. The three of us sat at a table for six because there were many open tables at the restaurant.

We ordered the peking duck. Our server brought the whole roasted duck out and proceeded to skinning the crispy skin off.

Peking Duck Crispy Skin
Flour wrap
Green onion, peking duck skin, topped with hoisin sauce (seafood sauce) all concealed in a steamed flour wrap makes for a crunchy bite. I love eating peking duck this way but you have to make your wraps fast because once the flour wraps are exposed to the cold air, the edges harden quickly. These wraps were pretty good at Vivacity but I've had much crispier and better cut peking duck at other restaurants.

After the duck is skinned, it goes back to the kitchen where the meat is de-boned and made into a stir fry for lettuce wraps. The cool lettuce leaves and warm, flavourful centre filled with stir fry duck meat is something I would want to eat any summer night.

Lettuce duck wraps
Alongside enjoying an entire duck, we had fried oysters. The oysters were fried then cooked in a garlic mixture sauce making it not very fresh-breathe friendly. They were pretty good and I appreciated that there were some vegetables on the side.

Fried oysters in sauce
Most Chinese restaurants offer complimentary dessert at the end of a meal. The one at Vivacity that night was red and green bean sweet soup with clear tapioca pearls.

Red and green bean sweet soup
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