Thursday 24 May 2012

Fro-yo showdown: Menchie's vs. TCBY

I've had frozen yogurt twice in the past week using excuses like "it's better than ice-cream" to tell myself.

Menchie's on Cambie St.
 TCBY at Cineplex Riverport

First off, this showdown is probably in Menchie's favour since Menchie's is an individual store while I got my TCBY frozen yogurt at a food vendor at the theatres. 

In my Menchie's yogurt: Mint and Peanut butter yogurt, mochi balls, kiwi, boba pearls, and a piece of brownie. So good! The yogurt's texture is firm and flavourful without being overly sweet. Menchie's charges by weight, I paid $4.60 including tax for mine. 

In my TCBY yogurt: Chocolate yogurt and blueberries. At the theatres there was only a choice of vanilla or chocolate yogurt and 6 choices of topping (blueberry, blackberry, reeses pieces, skor, chocolate chips, sprinkles). The yogurt tasted more like McDonald's soft serve ice cream, it melted too quickly. Also the blueberries were not fresh like at Menchie's, they tasted like dried blueberries dunked in syrup. I paid around $3.50 including tax.

Overall, Menchie's clearly wins but I have yet to try TCBY from its individual store.
TCBY on Urbanspoon
Menchie's Frozen Yogurt on Urbanspoon