Wednesday 16 October 2013

Pearl Castle (Surrey): Thick Toast and Fried Mushroom

Long time no blog! I actually haven't been eating out much hence the lack of restaurants to blog about but here's a fiery new post (literally fried).

The Pearl Castle in Surrey is open and looks very similar to the Richmond Centre branch. On a Saturday afternoon the tables were about 70 percent filled. Since it was that awkward time in the late afternoon but close to dinner time, we opted for some snack items.

Milk and almond thick toast: Mmm this was so delicious! The bread was toasted until slightly crunchy on the outside and soft and warm on the inside. The topping was sweet and aromatic with the almond slices. Highly recommend and inexpensive, too.

Milk and almond thick toast
Fried abalone mushroom: This is a dish that I have been craving since I last had it at a nightmarket in Taiwan. Abalone mushrooms are bigger and more firm making them the perfect fried snack. The fried outer layer is accompanied by the firm and hot inner mushroom. Pearl Castle makes it quite well.

Fried abalone mushroom
Fried chicken chop: Taiwanese food is famous for their fried chicken (does anyone know why?) and this fried chicken chop was up to par. The meat was juicy, tender, and quite flavourful due to the seasoning.

Fried chicken chop
Mint chocolate bubble tea: This drink is presented nicely but only tastes mediocre. If you like mint chocolate icecream, that is exactly what this tastes like. It is only sweet and lacks chocolate flavour.

Mint chocolate bubble tea
Pudding and avocado milk: This drink is interesting and not like the typically bubble tea drinks you order so I recommend trying it. It is made from a mixture of avocado, milk, and pudding (the sweet jelly yellow kind). The consistency is thick and not oversweet. I didn't get pearls with my drink because I knew it would be too filling.

Pudding and avocado milk
Overall, the food and service at Pearl Castle Surrey were solid albeit I wish the snack menu had more choices than fried ones. Currently there is 10% off if you show them that you liked their Facebook page!

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