Monday 9 February 2015

East is East (West Broadway)

We were going to try Neverland Tea Salon but they didn't have space for us without a reservation so we walked down the street and found East is East. I have passed by this restaurant before, not quite understanding what cuisine it is. Even after eating here I can't quite pinpoint it but the menu said it's cuisine from the East.

Upon entering, we were given some chai to try which was made with milk and spices. They asked us which side of the restaurant we wanted to sit at because one side was brighter and one side was darker. We opted for the brighter side but it wasn't quite as bright as restaurants usually are for lunch hour.

I ordered the Mango Butternut Squash Rice Bowl with brown lentil rice. The first few bites of my rice bowl was delicious with chunks of butternut squash and a sweet mango puree sauce. When I got halfway through I found it hard to finish because it was like eating dessert (much too sweet!)

Mango Butternut Squash Rice Bowl
My friend ordered the Wild Salmon Rice Bowl with basmati rice. She had the opposite problem where her rice bowl was too salty. I suppose the food is just more heavily flavoured  here.

Wild Salmon Rice Bowl
All in all, it was a cool experience dining here with its unique ambiance.

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