Wednesday 24 October 2012

Top Shanghai Cuisine: Crispy Duck and Xiaolongbao

I had a random craving for xiaolongbao yesterday so when mom asked where we should go for dinner I knew I wanted Shanghai food.

We ended up at Top Shanghai Cuisine which is usually crowded on weekends so we avoid it but on weekdays it was much more manageable.

At Shanghai cuisine restaurants there are often large windows to the kitchen for customers to see the dumplings and more being made. Some are quite fascinating to watch as chefs make 20+ folds to wrap a small dumpling.

Pork Xiaolongbao: These little things were so juicy with soup swirling inside when picked up from the steam tray. The skin was thin as good xiaolongbao should be.

Honestly I don't know the official English names of these dishes on the menu so I will just describe them.

This soupy pot was filled to the brim with ingredients starting with choy sum on the bottom, then topped with vermicelli noodles, squid, fish balls, shrimp, mushroom, egg, peas, and pork skin. The soup was mild broth but it was a good dish to counter the heavy flavours of the other dishes.

Pork chop with Shanghai rice cake was my least favourite dish. The entire dish was very oily and the sauce was not flavourable enough. It seemed like only soy sauce.

The Salty Crispy Duck was probably my favourite with its crunchy skin, soft meat and marinated flavour.

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