Thursday 24 May 2012

LA Grill & Bistro: Affordable Eat

UPDATE January 29, 2013**

Our waitress at LA Grill was nice but the management and restaurant regulations were not.

This review begins with my phone call to the restaurant for a reservation for 10 on a Tuesday night. I was told that they did not accept reservations, even for big parties. When we arrived at the restaurants on Tuesday night, I stood at the “Please wait to be seated” sign for a good five minutes watching the servers all talking amongst themselves and fully aware that I was standing there without acknowledging me. Finally one came over and asked how many our party was. I told her nine and she said that she only has a table for 6 and can extend the table when the other dining guests left. When we sat down at our table, I clearly saw that 70% of the tables were EMPTY. All she had to do was rearrange the tables so that we could all sit down together at once but the restaurant did not do that. I brought in a cake and was told by the waitress that the restaurant charges $1 PER PERSON for eating a cake in house. That means $9 in total for my party. Overall, there were one too many ‘NOs’ from LA Grill. Very disappointing.

End of update**

After eating many times at LA Grille for many years this is my first post on the restaurant. They are known for their affordable prices and good portions.
Three of us went to the restaurant on a weekday night and was seated promptly. With the affordable price the service was still great, granted the server did not seem very experienced but she was very friendly.

Two of us ordered the steak and prawn special ($12.95). Look at the size!
The steak was medium rare like how we ordered it and there was plenty of food that we definitely cannot complain about the portion size. However, I wish they would've separated the salad so I wouldn't have to eat a vinaigrette dressing with my rice.

 This is the Chicken fettuccine with pomodoro sauce. It was average, not great but the pasta was not too soft either. The picture doesn't show how deep the dishes are, so you're getting at least 3 cups of pasta on that dish!
Overall, a small restaurant that will satisfy your hunger at a reasonable price. There must be some reason that I keep going  back.
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