Sunday 3 June 2012

Snack Bites: Liberté Greek Yogurt

Since I discovered Greek yogurt earlier this year I have not gone back to regular yogurt. Greek yogurt is strained multiple more times than regular yogurt to create that super creamy consistency and contains lots of proteins that you don't get from regular probiotic yogurts.

Recently I bought the Liberté Greek yogurt cups to try, they came in a pack of three flavours: wild blackberry, strawberry, and wild blueberry.

Liberté Fat Free Greek Yogurt: wild blackberry, strawberry, wild blueberry

There is a layer of fruit syrup under the Greek  yogurt. The Greek yogurt has a tart taste that's stronger than regular yogurt which I like but some people might not. The consistency of the yogurt itself before mixing is thick and creamy.
Strawberry greek yogurt
The strawberry syrup on the bottom is very sweet. Taking a look at the ingredient list shows that the first ingredient (therefore the most amount put in) is sugar! Even though it's a lot of sugar I prefer the fact that they use real sugar than artificial sugars. The fruit preparation is like a liquidy strawberry jam with blended pieces of strawberry and negligible amount of seeds. 
Ingredient list of strawberry yogurt
This is what the yogurt looks like after mixing. I took this picture to show how thick the yogurt is because I can hold it upside down on the spoon and it will not fall unlike other liquidy yogurts. After mixing the sweetness from the fruit syrup completely covers the tartness of the yogurt so this would be a good option for people who like the creaminess but don't prefer the tart taste. However, if you're choosing this yogurt for the health benefits then I would say go with the regular Greek yogurt without added fruit because there is a lot of sugar in the syrup that would defeat the healthy purpose of eating Greek yogurt.

Nutrition facts for those who are interested. Strawberry is 130 calories but blackberry and blueberry are both 120 calories per 142 gram cup.

Strawberry yogurt nutrition facts