Sunday 1 July 2012

Empire Seafood: Dim Sum & Tapioca Pudding

We went to Empire Seafood Restaurant for dim sum, it is located next to London Drugs on No. 3 Road. I thought the name sounded familiar and later found out that it was the name of the dim sum restaurant that used to be in the location of the other Chinese restaurant on the other side of London Drugs.

The restaurant was brightly lit with many crystal chandeliers. All crowded dim sum places are loud but this one was especially loud. I don’t think the walls have very good sound insulation.

For early dim sum before 11am there is 20% off, otherwise the prices would be quite a bit more expensive than the Chinese restaurant across the complex. 

We ordered 4 dim sums: steamed vegetarian dumplings, deep fried eggplant with prawn paste, pan fried chive & pork buns in stone pot, and baked tapioca pudding.

The dessert baked tapioca pudding came first. The top crusty part was like the topping of a fresh baked pineapple bun. Under the crust was tapioca pudding using tartar powder with a taro filling. The dessert was warm, sweet, and delicious.

Baked tapioca pudding

 The pan fried chive and pork buns in stone pot (long name!) were hot pork buns with the bottom pan fried golden. The pork bun itself was quite juicy but the bottom wasn't fried crispy enough for personal preference. It comes with red vinegar to dip.

Pan fried chive & pork bun

 Vegetarian dumplings were called “black truffle and fragrant mushroom dumplings” in Chinese which I think is more descriptive than vegetarian dumplings. Honestly could not tell if there was black truffle in it.
Steamed vegetarian dumplings
Deep fried eggplant with prawn paste is one of those dim sum dishes that I eat often. This restaurant made it pretty well because I have had ones where the eggplant was soggy. This dish the prawn paste on top was fried nicely (not burnt) and the eggplant was tender. I didn’t care much for the black bean dipping sauce.

Deep fried eggplant with prawn paste
Overall, the food at this restaurant was pretty good and there were lively lobsters, spot prawns, and king crabs on display in the seafood tanks. However, I’m not sure if I will be visiting often because the noise level can get pretty loud when the place is full.

Click to enlarge dim sum menu.

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