Friday 29 June 2012

Kam Ho: Chinese Dinner Combos

This is the third birthday dinner I've attended in the last week! We went to Kam Ho Restaurant which is located on the side of a strip mall across from Superstore. It is not an easy to spot area.

We visited Kam Ho on recommendation by a friend. It is a small family style restaurant that specializes in noodles but offers a varied number of dishes on the dinner menu.

As with many smaller sized Chinese restaurants, the meal comes with complimentary soup and rice. I didn't take a picture of the rice but they were generous portions and offered two choices between plain rice and rice with chicken oil (which is more savoury).

The soup was mediocre, a bit on the salty side. Last time we were here we chose the other soup option which was "woon zai chi" (synthetic shark fin soup). It is a soup that's quite popular at the night market and I liked that soup better than the one we had tonight.

We ordered four dishes for our dinner combo.

The Hainanese Chicken as a chicken dish was not overcooked and pretty tasty but it was not authentic Hainanese chicken.
Hainanese chicken 
 This Water spinach dish was stir fried with shrimp paste which makes it smell great.
The beef was evidently marinated with baking soda to make it more tender, which is typical of Chinese restaurants. The consequence is the beef lacks beef taste.

Stir fry beef & water spinach
Fried fish and beans dish was very oily and pretty bland tasting.

Fried fish and beans
This dish was a whole fried tilapia with fried bean curd and Chinese mushrooms on top. The sauce was a sort of oyster sauce mixture that was diluted in taste.

Fried tilapia and bean curd 
To finish off, there was also complimentary dessert. The friend who recommended us to Kam Ho liked the sweet soup desserts they serve, especially the pumpkin with tapioca pearls sweet soup. Tonight the dessert was green bean sweet soup, it was not too sweet which I prefer.

Green bean soup
Overall, the prices at Kam Ho are affordable making it a good place to have a quick and relatively tasty dinner.

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