Monday 6 August 2012

Sea Harbour Seafood: What the Yam?

First authentic Chinese meal in five weeks! I guess it seemed appropriate to start with classic dim sum in the morning. We went to the new location of Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant at RiverRock Casino. Some people at the table next to ours was confused about the restaurant designated parking and thought they could park anywhere in the lot. Sea Harbour only provides parking at the very top on the 7th floor but it was sufficient parking compared to the old location.

The dim sum sheet was mostly in Chinese without English descriptions which I found weird considering the restaurant is located next to a hotel so the menu should be more tourist friendly.

BBQ Pork Bun
Beef ball congee
Fish paste rice noodle roll
I wanted to try this chicken wing to compare to Top Gun's and it was a disappointment.When the server put her scissors to the wings to cut them I knew they would not be as good because the skin did not have a crunch sound. There was less sticky rice and the skin was simply oily instead of crispy like Top Gun's.

Sticky rice stuffed chicken wings
Marinated duck
Egg tart
The purple yam & cheese dessert sounded interesting on the menu but after tasting I would describe it as unnecessary. The texture and taste was exactly like how a yam would taste simply baked. The yellow substance was the only source of cheese found in the dessert and I'm not sure it could even be considered dessert because it wasn't sweet at all. All this effort to make this yam cake seemed unnecessary to me when it is no different from a baked yam in tin foil.

Purple yam and cheese dessert
In general the food and ambiance of Sea Harbour is good but I had higher expectations due to its well known name, hence the comments about the dishes above. With the competition of many dim sum restaurants around Richmond, the same quality food can be found elsewhere for a lower price point than Sea Harbour.

Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant 海港大酒樓  on Urbanspoon