Wednesday 24 October 2012

Bel Café and Bonchaz: Macarons and Matcha

Bel Café

Since my last macarons experience at Thierry I wanted to try other places that make macarons in Vancouver. Bel Café was conveniently located just outside Pacific Centre on a rainy day.

The macarons below are passionfruit (yellow), cookies and cream (grey), and cassis (purple). The texture of the macarons here are crunchier on the outside and very soft on the inside. Personally I prefer the chewier texture of Thierry's macarons but these ones were delicious as well.

The cassis one was very fragrant upon first bite and reminded me of a black current candy I used to eat when I was younger.


I had my first Bonchaz pastry on Shine Day and have wanted to visit the café since. I liked the atmosphere of Bonchaz, it was laid back with friendly employees and customers lounging around on the wooden chairs or sofa seats in the back. 

I got a Matcha Greentea pastry that was heated up for me by the helpful lady behind the counter. It kind of reminds me of bread you can find at Asian bakeries with the coconut pieces on top. The pastry wasn't overly sweet and had a green tea centre which honestly did not have much matcha taste.

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