Monday 8 April 2013

Shang Noodle: Ramen and Calpis

Shang Noodle is in a convenient and inconvenient location. Convenient for pedestrians because it is next to the Brighouse Skytrain station and diagonal from Richmond Centre. Inconvenient for drivers because there are few parking spots and you must register your license plate inside the restaurant to avoid getting towed.

Maybe it was that particular time of day (late afternoon) but all the tables around us had babies in baby carriages!

I ordered a ramen meal and upgraded the complimentary drink to a blueberry Calpis. Honestly, did not really like the taste of this drink because it was overly sweet and tasted more like synthetic grape.

Beef tendon and brisket ramen: It tasted pretty good since the beef was marinated in spice. The ratio of brisket to tendon was probably 10 to 1 meaning that there was only one piece of tendon in my bowl! More tendon would be nice.

This fried cutlet pork chop was pretty delicious with its crunchy shell and tender meat. No need to wait in line at Aberdeen's Saboten for good pork chop!

Overall, I will be visiting again for the inexpensive bubble tea and to try the different snacks!

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