Tuesday 16 April 2013

Charcoal Sushi: The Canadian Roll

The sun is out in Vancouver again! To celebrate of course we must eat. That or we were just hungry for lunch. Today we went to Charcoal Sushi and Grill and had to park on level 6 because the spots were all full during lunch hours. Almost all the tables were full on this weekday lunch hour.

We ordered three of the lunch combos which allows you to choose one main and one side.

Salmon maki
 Although the piece was kind of small, I enjoyed the deep fried aji because it was splendidly crunchy! It was fried with the same coating as katsu. There were no bones and fish filet only.

Deep fried aji

Beef teriyaki roll

The beef udon didn't taste particularly special but I did like how smooth the udon was.

Beef Udon
 The beef tongue curry don sounded interesting but I didn't know if it would be good. The tongue was cooked until tender and tasted like normal sliced beef. I like Japanese curry a lot because it is semi-sweet and so flavourful.

Beef tongue curry don
I looked most forward to the Canadian Roll because I had seen photos on other blog posts. It had a yam tempura, cream cheese, and slices of avocado on top. The entire roll was quite heavy with all the carby goodness of yam and cream cheese but it was good! Plus the rice was still slightly warm.

The Canadian Roll
 Here's a closer up photo of the pretty colours. Although it's just a name, I wonder why they thought orange and green represented Canada. There's no red at all.