Saturday 1 September 2012

Joey Broadway and Cheesecake Etc: Tacos and Tunes

Sometimes taking photos of food annoys the people you're eating with. So I was relieved when the people I ate dinner with last night all whipped out their phones and snapped photos of their food.

I got a light dinner at Joey Broadway since we were going to dessert after.

Ahi Tuna Tacos
-4 mini tacos
-seared ahi tuna with seasame ginger coleslaw
-wasabi aioli sauce

The ahi tuna was bright red with the edges seared and served cold, there was no fishy scent or taste. The taco shells were petite, crunchy and the right saltiness. Even though the sauce name is wasabi aioli I didn't taste much of the wasabi and there certainly wasn't the wasabi sting. The seasame oil in the sauce overwhelmed all the other tastes but it matched the tacos well. In general: a fun eat!

Next stop was dessert at Cheesecake Etc. which I was always curious about!

Original cheesecake with raspberry sauce
I opted for the Original cheesecake which came with frothy whipped cream. I mentioned in a past post that I like cheesecakes that are thick and sticky which this one was the opposite. It was light textured but thicker than mousse cake. The cream cheese wasn't strong but it went well with the fluffy texture. I really enjoyed it! Plus an elderly man (the owner) came out to sing and play on his grand piano which added to the ambiance.

Original cheesecake
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