Tuesday 28 August 2012

The Grizzly Paw: Steak, Salmon, Pizza, Quesadilla

After a long day in the car (I was just the passenger) we finally sat down to dinner in Canmore, Alberta. Whenever my family and I are in a new city and we don't know what to eat, we choose the restaurant with the most people and hope that is an indication of its food quality.

This time we stumbled upon The Grizzly Paw which had a full patio and we were seated at an indoor table on the second level. We were next to the window facing beautiful mountains which were everywhere in the Rockies.

Steak Sandwich: 6 oz NY grilled steak on a garlic toast
There was a choice of fries, caesar/house salad or both which I found convenient because sometimes I just want fries AND salad! The steak was ordered medium-rare but came practically well-done.

BBQ Chicken Quesadilla: sliced chicken, BBQ sauce, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, cheese
The quesadilla came hot and every bite was juicy but the one at On the Border was better. The slices were cut too large so the fillings began falling out when you lift to take a bite making it a messier meal than necessary. Otherwise, it was a good quesadilla (although not authentic Mexican).

Canmore's Meat Deluxe Pizza: black forest ham, chorizo sausage, salami, bacon
The 9" pizza came very hot as well which was appreciated. The crust is made with organic flatbread from The Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company which made the pizza crust slightly soft, doughy and chewy. It was a fine pizza but for personal preference I like thin crust crispy pizza crusts more.

Grilled Salmon Sandwich: salmon filet, Kaiser bun, mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion
House salad: garden greens, beets, carrots, eggs, cheese
I enjoyed the salmon with its grilled smoky flavour although it was a tad overcooked. The house salad was delicious with the mix of ingredients and the dressing seemed to have a hint of beer (just a guess) since The Grizzly Paw has a brewery.

Overall, it was satisfying comfort food after a long day's drive from British Columbia to Alberta.

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