Thursday 21 August 2014

Save on Meats: Build Your Own Burger

The storefront of Save on Meats may not stand out if you're just walking past it but the name is fairly well known for Vancouverites with it being featured on TV and social media. Prior to coming I didn't know that the restaurant works with local organizations to help those in need in the downtown east side.

On a weekday early evening there weren't many people in the restaurant. I believe it was renovated not long ago with the cracked seats on the booth benches being one of the few giveaways that the restaurant is much older. 

I opted for the build-your-own burger option where you can choose between meat or veggie patties, toppings, sauce and a choice of side. I opted for beef patties (it came with two pieces), cheese, cucumber, tomato, lettuce and pickles all with the SOM Smear. The SOM Smear is their in house sauce that includes a few sauces like hot sauce. My side salad was dressed with thousand island dressing.

I had heard great reviews about this place and their burger is famous so I suppose my expectation was very high. In general it was similar to burgers you can find at other restaurants. The beef patties may be more fresh than restaurants that don't use local ingredients but it didn't make a huge difference for the burger as a whole. The burger did taste good just not rave worthy. 

Overall this visit to Save on Meats checked off one of the restaurants I've been wanting to try for awhile in Vancouver but I don't think I'll think of this place first when I want burgers. 

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