Thursday 24 May 2012

Mexicali: In & Out

First off I'd like to say this restaurant is a little hard to find or maybe I just have a bad sense of direction cause I walked past the door twice before I realized it was Mexicali. Also this restaurant doesn't feel much like a restaurant, it is more like a cafeteria where you order, eat, and go.

I ordered the $5 combo with two soft (or crunch) shell chicken tacos and a lemon slushy drink (didn't take a picture of it). The chicken is just boiled chicken breast pieces with lettuce and a dollop of salsa and some cheese on top. Honestly there was not much taste to these tacos except for the salsa. However I will say that this is an okay choice for the healthy conscious because the chicken is not fried (lean protein), cheese isn't excessive and the only "bad" part is the all-white flour tortilla shell. The lemon slushy tasted like something I can get from 7-Eleven.

This is my friend's $6 combo beef quesadilla with mexi fries and can of pop. She said it tasted pretty good with plentiful cheese and ground beef inside.
Overall, don't come here for service but a quick affordable fix of Mexican food. I've had better Mexican food that tastes more authentic and if you don't mind Americanized-Mexican food then I would suggest Taco Luis (Oakridge Mall and Lansdowne Mall), it's easier to get to.

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