Wednesday 13 June 2012

Trattoria Italian Kitchen: Fat Pork

I really enjoy Italian cuisine which is one of the reasons why I really want to visit Italy! Yes, it always goes back to the food.

Anyways I went to try another Italian restaurant in Vancouver called Trattoria Italian Kitchen which is part of the Glowbal Collection. By the way, Lady Gaga's parents opened a restaurant named Joanne Trattoria. According to Google search results, a trattoria is an Italian restaurant serving simple food. 

I like the ambiance of this restaurant, lighting is dim with a red hue and booth seats along the wall. The staff were friendly upon arrival.

For an appetizer I tried the cream of cauliflower soup. It was blended smooth with butter and herbs.

Cream of cauliflower soup
Friend ordered the risotto and was indifferent about it. It was very filling made with lots of cream, rice and cheese.
Butternut squash and walnut risotto
 There were two pork loin pieces in this dish, some kelp and a type of dried berry. The sauce was sweet and the pork was mostly fat with little meat.
Roasted pork loin
I was expecting dessert to be my favourite part but it was not. The tiramisu plating was nice but the actual cake presentation was poor. There was little rum taste and the lady fingers were extremely soggy.

Overall, I may try Trattoria again because I saw other tables ordering delicious-looking pasta which is probably what they are known for but I will not be ordering these dishes again.

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