Wednesday 6 February 2013

Maria's Taverna: Kleftiko & Ekmek

Maria's Taverna was a fairly easy location to get to by transit. The small restaurant was still filled with diners for Dine Out Vancouver when we arrived at 8pm on a Thursday night.

We opted for the Dine Out menu as well. We ended up having to go up to the cash register area to request for a server to take our order. I guess they were too busy to notice.

Homous & Pita
For my appetizer, I chose the Avgolemono (chicken, egg and lemon soup). It was extremely salty and a little tangy from the lemon juice.

Kleftiko: tender roasted lamb, served with rice, roasted potatoes, Greek salad

Like the soup, my main course was also extremely salty. The roasted potatoes were especially salty. I was impressed with the large portion size of the lamb which was very tender and good.

Maria's  Special Ekmek: three layer traditional dessert with custard, nuts, cinnamon

In contrast with the salty dishes, this dessert was very sweet! The sponge cake bottom was absolutely drenched in sugary syrup. The custard was firm and jello-like.

Overall, Maria's Taverna is for those whose tastebuds can accept a large range from very salty to very sweet.

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