Thursday 21 February 2013

Woo Ying: Underknown Vegetarian Place!

Woo Ying Vegetarian in the Pacific Plaza food court should be more well known as a vegetarian option in Richmond! We learned of this place through a friend and have been back a few times already.

I think what keeps us returning is the overall experience of this food court meal because all food is served on plates and not styrofoam like most other food court vendors. As well, many of the dishes are made fresh upon order so they are not simply scooped out of a heated pan.

Pan-fried vegetables wrapped in bean curd

Everyday there is a daily special meal, below is the one for the day we went which included soup, rice, and two side dishes. The rice is a mixture of white and red rice which made the texture more chewy.

Woo Ying's Vegetarian 如意吉祥素食 on Urbanspoon