Sunday 28 July 2013

Brioche: Seafood Quiche

It is good to be back from a long unannounced hiatus! In the last 3 months I was in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Toronto so I definitely ate lots at each place but local Vancouver restaurants still offer the food that I like best.

In my first week back to Vancouver, friends and I went to eat at a place called Brioche. I immediately liked the vibe of the restaurant with pastries and quiche on display.

I ordered the seafood quiche and Greek salad. The quiche included salmon and shrimp in a buttery pastry pie crust. The portion size was quite large and I thoroughly enjoyed eating it.

Seafood quiche
Cioppino Pescatore Hot Pot is described on the menu as, "Tomato based shrimp bisque simmered with freshly seared wild salmon, basa, calamari, mussels, clams, tiger prawns and spinach." I would say that the description is accurate and this soup tasted really good! It was hot and hearty with lots of ingredients for the seafood lover.

Cioppino Pescastore Hot Pot
The following photo is Veal Parmesana. Again the portion size is large and tasted good but was just regular pasta.

Veal Parmesana
Overall it is a nice chill restaurant that allowed me to catch up with friends over good food that I did not get to eat while in Asia! If I had more room, I would like to try their fruit pies.

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