Sunday, 28 July 2013

Over Easy: Avocado Egg Benedicts

Getting to Toronto I flew a red eye flight and it reminded me why I don't usually pick those hours. My flight left Vancouver at 12am and arrived in Toronto at 7:30am EST which meant it was only 4:30am PST. I wasn't able to sleep at all on the plane so my energy was basically depleted.

After leaving the airport, I was craving egg benedicts and I got my dose at Over Easy. It is a breakfast restaurant located next to a hotel in downtown Toronto.

These egg benedicts had the usual poached eggs and English muffin but also tomatoes and avocado slices in between. I liked the taste of it but would prefer the meal to be a little hotter.

The interesting thing about the little tub of brown sauce is that they made the vinaigrette for my salad into a mousse consistency which was quite pleasing if it wasn't so sour.

Overall the restaurant seemed to be well-liked by those eating there and it helped me cope with my sleepless hours on the flight.

Over Easy - Hotel Victoria on Urbanspoon