Wednesday 31 July 2013

Okonomi House: Beef Okonomiyaki was OK

Last food post from Toronto. I will be posting about Vancouver restaurants again real soon.

The last lunch meal in Toronto before my flight was at a restaurant suggested by my friend called Okonomi House. It is a Japanese place known for its okonomiyakis. I've had many okonomiyakis at nightmarkets before and this was slightly different.

Beef okonomiyaki: We got the been okonomiyaki which was essentially a big pancake with teriyaki beef scattered inside and an overwhelmingly drenching amount of sweet sauce on top. It did not taste bad but I have to say that the ones I tried at nightmarkets were better. There was just too much sauce on top.

Beef okonomiyaki
Chicken teriyaki: This chicken teriyaki dish had proportions that I was not used to. There was a lot of blandly boiled bean sprouts that covered the entire area of the dish and a very small amount of rice. There probably wasn't even half a cup of rice. The chicken was cut into cubes instead of the thin slices at some other Japanese restaurants which was good but otherwise this dish was a miss for me. It just got boring to eat after a few bites.

Chicken teriyaki
Overall, this style of Japanese food was only mediocre.

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