Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Salad King: Breaded Shrimp Fried Rice

Upon walking into Salad King, it gave me the first impression of being bright and fun. Almost all the tables were filled at lunch hour but we were seated promptly at a half booth seat.

Satay Chicken: Grilled chicken on skewer, peanut dipping sauce
The peanut dipping sauce didn't actually taste of peanuts that much (at least not the peanut butter strength) but tasted good. So we saved it to dip the shrimp even after we were done with the skewers which were quite juicy for being chicken breast.

Funny thing about the skewer I ate was that there was a toothpick holding the meat together in addition to the big skewer.

Satay Chicken
Veggie Phud Thai: Rice noodle, carrot, peanut, tofu, green onion, bean sprout, coriander, egg, fish sauce, tamarind sauce
The noodles were easy to digest because they were slightly sour so it didn't feel heavy or filling. We opted for the most mild spiciness level but for those who can eat spicy, it would probably taste even better.

Veggie Phud Thai
Breaded Shrimp Fried Rice: breaded shrimp, egg, pea, carrot, ketchup sauce
The fried shrimp reminded me of fried wonton when I first saw it. The pieces of breaded shrimp were hot and crunchy. The fried rice was slightly oily which is expected with all the oil used in this dish but quite tasty especially with the peanut sauce from the chicken satay.

Breaded shrimp fried rice
Overall, Salad King is a good place to eat Thai food if you're not looking for authenticity. The food was served quickly and there is a good variety on the menu.

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