Wednesday 28 May 2014

Guu Garden: Kobe Beef Rice Burger is so Guu'd

Guu Garden is located on Nelson Street and only a short walk from City Centre Station or Granville Station. The restaurant was quite full for the weekday lunch period but we did not have to wait to be seated.

It was difficult to order off the Lunch Special menu (at end of post) because all the choices looked so good! In the end I chose the Kobe Beef Rice Burger Bento ($12).

Kobe Beef Rice Burger Bento
I will say right off the bat that I was very happy with my meal. The shrimp avocado salad was drizzled in a wasabi dressing and was a great texture with the crunchy lettuce and smooth avocado. The green bean fries were delicious with its tempura batter. The buns of the burger are replaced with two rice rounds that are crispy on one side and soft on the other. The soft side soaked up the juices from the kobe beef patty which was slightly sweet from sauce and not at all overcooked.

Service was attentive and I enjoyed the amount of light coming in from the many windows. Another Guu franchise tried and loved!

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