Tuesday 5 August 2014

Bob Likes Thai Food: Masaman Beef Curry

We were walking down W Broadway with no specific restaurant in mind when we walked past Bob Likes Thai Food. The small restaurant had a bar on one side and some booth seats on the other. When we asked our server, she said that Bob is just a name and not the name of their owner.

The pad thai came hot and had a good mix of rice noodles, prawns, tofu, peanuts, egg, bean sprouts and chives. The first few bites were delicious but the more I ate the more uncomfortable I felt. That was because the dish was too sour. The sauce was too flavourful and the sourness from a pickled vegetable in the pad thai was overpowering.

Pad thai ($13)
The masaman beef curry is made with coconut milk, tamarind broth, bay leaf, cinnamon, star anise, palm sugar, beef, potato and peanuts. The curry was very rich and aromatic without being too spicy. The beef was definitely overcooked and a bit tough to chew. The curry doesn't come with rice which you can order for an extra $2.

Masaman beef curry ($13)
We opted for the Thai iced tea with lime instead of with milk. It was cooling and refreshing but tasted very similar to sour plum juice. The taste is not for everyone so if you know you dislike sour plum juice then I'd suggest ordering the iced tea with milk instead.

Overall the flavouring of their food is quite strong but in general I had a good meal here though I'm not sure if I would return.

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