Tuesday 14 August 2012

Beijing Noodle House: Dumplings & Beef Rolls

We went to Beijing Noodle House for lunch to find that they did some renovations. The partial open kitchen is now closed off with a solid wall which was repainted a purple colour. The noise level was significantly lower than before with the kitchen closed off from the dining area.

For the three of us we ordered three items to share: beef roll, Beijing dumplings, and lamb in noodle soup.

The beef roll had thin slices of beef and lettuce wrapped in Chinese pancake. I liked that they added lettuce to make the dish less filling but I think it would've tasted even better if it came hot.

Beef roll
The Beijing dumplings had a pork filling and was served in a broth with seaweed and green onions. The skin of the dumplings was very smooth which is why I enjoy handmade dumplings as opposed to machine pressed ones. There were 12 dumplings in the bowl.

Beijing dumplings
There was a strong game smell when the lamb noodle soup was placed at our table but it did not transfer to the taste. The broth was heavily flavoured served with hearty, thick noodles and slices of lamb (like the kind in hotpot). This is the type of noodle I would choose for hot comfort food in the winter.

Lamb in noodle soup
Overall, Beijing Noodle House has quick service and reasonable prices that continue to attract local customers. Note that they accept cash only.

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