Sunday 19 August 2012

Donburiya + Bon Crepe: Japanese Snacking on Robson amongst Zombies

Yesterday Robson Street was crowded with bloody, ripped clothed people and it wasn't even Halloween! I accidently stepped on a bloody ear while crossing the street. Later I found out that it was the Zombiewalk.

We stopped by two Japanese places for snacks while on Robson. The Donburiya menu with the picture of takoyaki caught our eye so we went in. A friendly Japanese girl greeted us behind the cash register and we ordered our food then sat down. It is a self serve restaurant.

Takoyaki was $6.25 for 10 which is a better deal than the night market. Most importantly we could sit comfortably to eat unlike at the night market where you have to eat amongst the crowds of people in the food aisles.

The takoyaki came almost hot with plenty of mayo and sauce on top. Each one had little cubes of squid and warm batter. The only thing missing were the bonito flakes that are fun to watch "move"!

For dessert we went to Bon Crepe and ordered the Banana Chocolate Whipped cream crepe. They were so good! There were thin banana slices and the whipped cream was thick enough so it did not melt immediately from the heat of the crepe. I had crepes twice in Quebec but I prefer Japanese crepes better. I want to try the savoury crepes from Bon Crepe next time.

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