Wednesday 5 December 2012

Dining Terrace: Koryo and Umi

It seems like I'm the last of my friends to visit the Dining Terrace in Richmond Centre. I chose a weekday afternoon to avoid potential crowds but it was still fairly packed. I wanted to try Umi but there was a small line up so I headed straight to Koryo which was free of queues.

The Dining Terrace is ready for the holidays! 

I ordered a Tuesday Special combo with Korean Short Ribs, rice, and two side dishes: zucchini tempura and garlic potatoes. My favourite part of this combo was the garlic potatoes! They were so deeply fried that it took a bit of effort to make the plastic fork penetrate its outer layer. The sauce was sweet, sticky, and garlic-y and left you wanting more.

The ribs were still hot and tasted fairly good although not authentic Korean. Again, it was a bit difficult to cut the ribs with a plastic knife.

As I was leaving the Dining Terrace I saw this gelato place! I wonder what the black gelato in the lower left hand corner is? Black licorice? 

***Updated December 17, 2012***
I went back to the Dining Terrace to try Umi and ordered their Shrimp Tempura Bento Box. It was quite good with vegetable tempura, California and tempura roll, and salad. The batter was crunchy and the sauce was sweet but I would still rather eat Japanese food in a restaurant.

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