Wednesday 5 December 2012

Mink: S'mores and Chocolate Fondue

After my last chocolate fondue experience at Capstone I thought that it would be awhile before I try  fondue again but awhile turned out to be less than a month later. This time I tried the chocolate fondue at Mink which is near the Pan Pacific Vancouver.

The dark chocolate choice was more rich and cocoa flavoured than Capstone's dark chocolate. The strawberries were very sweet and ripe which was a treat in the middle of this fall/winter period. All of the food tasted great dipped in chocolate but the mandarin oranges were my least favourite.

 Mink also offers S'mores complete with graham crackers, marshmellows, chocolate, and a little burner! This is a convenient option for those who aren't going anywhere near a campfire soon but I still prefer the authentic bonfire made S'mores with chocolate pieces instead of fondue chocolate. It seems too much of an outdoors tradition to bring indoors.

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