Sunday 23 December 2012

Totoro Cafe: Full of Cats!

Totoro Cafe in December opens at 7:00pm and we were one of two tables in the restaurant at 7:30pm. It does not have great ratings on Urbanspoon and the name of this restaurant has been around for eight years. However, around two months ago Totoro Cafe changed owners so the previous reviews were based on a different management. 

The decor of the restaurant was colourful with cats everywhere. There were tables along the wall and couches for larger groups.

We ordered a Pork Floss and Seaweed Waffle which was pretty soft whereas I enjoy my waffles with a bit more crunch on the outside. All the plates and cups we used had cats on them!

This thick toast does not look as delicious as the waffle but it was! It was hot with a layer of butter and sugar baked on top.

The Chicken Gyoza was evidently bought from the store and not self made so they were just the typical ones you can find in the freezer section.

I really liked the cat mug that contained my hot Ovaltine with Pearls. I appreciated the amount of pearls that the drink came with because I love chewing them on their own.

Below is another photo of the cute cup and teapot that this restaurant is full of! I think Totoro Cafe's decor and cat decorations outshines it's menu items. The food and drinks served here can be found at many bubble tea restaurants but if you appreciate cute decorations then it is worth a visit!

You can't tell in the following photo but coincidentally I was wearing my cat paw earrings when I ate at this cat decor filled restaurant!

Totoro Cafe on Urbanspoon