Thursday 1 August 2013

Damso Modern Korean: Bulgogi Burger

We were walking downtown on the weekend looking for a restaurant to eat at dinner time which meant that almost all places were filled with people. When we walked past Damso, a group of people were just leaving so we walked straight into the small Korean restaurant and I'm so glad we did!

Damso doesn't serve traditional Korean food but more fusion type which made all the menu items sound so fun and enticing.

Beef tongue: We tried the beef tongue which was labeled as a Damso Signature. The meat was tender with an appetizing sauce and green onions sprinkled on top. Must try!

Beef Tongue
Bulgogi Burger with Sweet Potato Fries: I love sweet potato fries so I had to order this dish. The bulgogi was marinated well and was juicy but when holding the burger upright to eat, the juice did not spill down my hand which I appreciated. The sweet potato fries weren't the crunchy type but on the softer side. There was some light sweet sauce drizzled on top with some sesame seeds and a side of chipotle sauce for dipping. Yummy!

Bulgogi Burger with Sweet Potato Fries
Bo Ssam - Pork Korean Lettuce Wrap: The presentation of the braised pork was as nice as the dish itself. The skin of the braised pork had a slight crunch to it with a tender centre. However, the meat seemed a little overcooked and lost most of its juice. A healthier dish to try!

Bo Ssam
Hot Stone Seafood Bibimbop: This hot stone bibimbop had a good amount of seafood inside and more sauce than the average bibimbop to almost a risotto consistency. The dish was hot and very aromatic but avoid it if you can't take spice.

Hot Stone Seafood Bibimbop
Overall, Damso was a great accidental find and I can't wait to try their other menu items.

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