Friday 13 September 2013

Deer Garden (Alexandra Rd): DIY Noodle Soup

Haroo changed their lunch hours again, now only open Friday to Sunday for lunch so when we went on a Wednesday afternoon it was closed. We walked next door to Deer Garden for lunch. All the tables were full when we were there but it didn't take too long until we were seated.

I ordered the noodle soup where you can choose the soup base, noodles and ingredients. The meal also comes with a complimentary drink which I added $2 to upgrade to a Red Bean with Vanilla Ice Cream drink. 

Here are the contents of my noodle soup:
Soup base - tomato and pumpkin
Noodles - udon
Toppings - fish fillet and beef slices

Overall, it was a large flavourful bowl of soup and the service was quick and efficient.

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