Monday 9 September 2013

Le Panier: Cutest Chewy Macarons!

Evening though it was pouring rain that afternoon, there were still lots of people at Seattle's Pike Place. When I learned that there was macarons sold at Le Panier in Pike Place, of course I had to go try for myself!

There was a bit of a line up when we arrived but service was quick and we got our goodies in no time.

Le Panier box
Macaron flavours: Hazelnut, Coffee, Pistachio and Raspberry
The macarons had a crispy shell and chewy inside, much like the Thierry ones. They weren't too sweet and the flavours were pretty prominent. I liked the hazelnut one the best because it reminded me of Nutella.

Raspberry, Hazelnut, Pistachio, Coffee macarons
Overall, this was a cozy French bakery to avoid the rain with its self-dispensed water tap and little tables for customers.

Le Panier interior
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