Sunday 1 September 2013

Phnom Penh: Incredible Chicken Wings!

It was definitely a foodie kind of day because we went to Cafe Medina for breakfast and then Phnom Penh for lunch! Although the restaurant was full when we were there at 2pm on a weekday, we were seated within 10 minutes because we shared a big round table with 3 other people.

Fried Chicken Wings (small order): The fried chicken wings at Phnom Penh are well known and rightly so. This small order had 12 wings in it! Each wing was coated in this peppery five-spice flavour and fried until crunchy but not overly oily. All the fried wings were then pan fried tossed in garlic and spices to make the outside even more flavourful. The dipping sauce is made of lemon juice and white pepper powder.

Dipped into the sauce, each wing was slightly sour, sweet, savoury and spicy at the same time which is why everyone loves them so much.

Fried Chicken Wings
Beef Pho Noodles: The bean sprouts didn't come with basil like other Vietnamese pho places. Maybe that is because Phnom Penh is more Cambodian. Anyways there was plenty of noodles inside the bowl and beef balls, beef tendon and beef slices. A hearty bowl of pho is a good combo with fried chicken wings.

Beef Pho Noodles
Lychee Moo Moo: I am not sure why they call it "moo moo" but essentially it is a finely blended slushie with lychee flavour. It tasted pretty refreshing.

Lemon Jelly Drink: This drink was a bit too sweet for me and had strips of jelly (like coconut jelly) in lemon flavouring. I probably wouldn't try this drink again.

Lychee Moo Moo
Lemon Jelly Drink

Although the servers were very busy with the never ending customers, they tried their best to be attentive and were friendly so props to them.

Phnom Penh interior
Overall, I never go to eat in Chinatown but Phnom Penh has changed that perspective and maybe I will go try more things there.

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