Monday, 13 January 2014

Enjoy Cafe 1+1

Enjoy Cafe 1+1 is located in a busy Asian strip mall in Richmond. Although the restaurant doesn't serve the best food, it always has customers because if its good location and ability to serve a quick meal.

I tried the beef brisket curry rice. The curry wasn't bad as it was quite flavourful and not too spicy for me. There were beef brisket, potato, and green bell pepper pieces in the curry.

For a small fee I chose to upgrade my meal drink to Horlick with grass jelly. I like how the grass jelly makes the drink feel more refreshing. The texture of the jelly is interesting too.

Despite the name of this restaurant, I never quite reach the point of enjoying my meal here. It is more to fill my stomach when I feel hungry and then move on with my day.

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