Monday 13 January 2014

Marutama Ramen: Excellent Tamago Ramen

Upon walking into Marutama Ra-men we were greated warmly by all the staff. We sat down at one of the large wooden tables and placed our order. The food came quickly and hot which I appreciated.

I ordered the Tamago Ra-men with the soft boiled egg. The broth at Marutama is not as milky white as some of the other ramen places but I still found it good and flavourful. The pork slices were better than the ones I had at Kintaro because these were layered with meat and fat making each slice extremely easy to eat. I was most impressed by the egg because when you bite into it, the centre flows out in a thick yellow gooey consistency that is slightly sweet. It's not easy to make this egg without overcooking it.

Tamago Ra-men
Overall I really enjoyed my dining experience here and would definitely come again if I am craving ramen. However given the small size of the restaurant don't come here in a large group.

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