Tuesday 14 January 2014

Shun Feng Seafood Restaurant: Dim Sum Combo

Shun Feng is located inside Parker Place and was quite crowded on a weekend morning. 

They offer a four person dim sum set with a congee and four choices of dim sum.

Mushroom dumplings: There were various types of mushrooms and veggies inside this dumpling. It's steamed and the dumpling wrap is quite chewy.

Fried prawn on tofu: There is a dollop of shrimp paste on tofu which is deep fried. The fried goods are then slathered in a sweet and sour chili sauce. I wouldn't necessarily order this every time I eat dim sum here but it's a fun dish to try.

Pan-fried lotus root cake: Chopped bits of lotus root is pasted with fish paste to make this lotus root cake. Although the name is pan-fried, it is closer to being fried since it is quite oily. 

Three mushroom rice noodle roll: This steamed dish is rice noodle wrapped in three types of mushrooms as the name suggests. The mushrooms have a distinct flavour which is quite tasty and the wrapping isn't thick as you can see in the photo that the rice noodle is slightly see through.

Overall Shun Feng is a pretty good place for dim sum for the set combo and good ambiance. The seats are quite spacious and doesn't feel crowded even when the restaurant is full of people.

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