Tuesday 14 January 2014

Sushi Garden (Lougheed): Seafood Salad

Sushi Garden at Lougheed is a Korean owned Japanese restaurant. On the weekend afternoon it was full of diners but we didn't have to wait too long before we were seated. I had heard great things about the affordability and quality of food here for a long time so I was excited to finally try it. In short I was pleasantly surprised and do agree that it is a good place for budget sushi.

Spicy salmon salad: This dish consisted of salmon and cucumber pieces with a spicy sauce that is mixed thoroughly. It is a large plate of raw salmon. Although they are definitely not the prime pieces like the sashimi, if you want to eat an abundant amount of raw salmon then this is the dish for you!

Tropical dynamite roll: The tropical part of this roll is the pineapple that is in it. Instead of nori, this sushi is wrapped in egg and consists of imitation crab and fried shrimp. As you can see from the large size of the sushi, this is not authentic Japanese sushi but is typical of North American budget sushi. Unlike other budget sushi joints, the taste is not bad!

Takoyaki: Normally I only get to eat takoyaki when the summer night market is open so I wanted to try this when I saw it on the menu. The takoyaki came hot which I liked and the inside was flour-y soft. It's not a takoyaki with a ton of ingredients inside but a simple one.

Toro sashimi: This sashimi was quite fresh and being toro it was fatty and melted softly in the mouth. For the price there are a good number of pieces of sashimi served.

Seafood salad: This salad had lettuce, salmon, and squid pieces that is served with a chipotle/mayo type dressing on the side. There's nothing special about the lettuce but if you like seafood you will like this salad as it incorporates fresh pieces of various seafood.

Spider roll: This roll consists of fried soft shell grab wraped with pieces of cucumber, rice and nori. The crab was still quite hot when it arrived meaning that it was freshly fried. Typically the spider roll is quite pricey at other restaurants but is reasonably priced here.

Chopped scallop sushi: There is an overwhelming amount of chopped scallop on every piece of sushi, probably the same as the amount of rice. If you like scallop then opt for the sushi rather than the roll because the amount of scallop on the sushi pieces are definitely a lot more!

Overall this is one of the better budget sushi places that I have tried. Their service is also quick and efficient.

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