Monday 13 January 2014

Mimibuloveme: Matcha Parfait

Mimibuloveme is a very small dessert place only a short walk from the Oakridge 41st Skytrain Station. There are only four tables indoors and two outdoors so be prepared to wait for a table to free up, especially on weekend evenings. 

Matcha Parfait: There were layers of cream, cake, red bean all topped with a scoop of matcha ice cream. It is a filling dessert but overall I enjoyed the matcha flavours with a good mixture of more neutral flavours like the cake.

Black Sesame Parfait: The black sesame parfait is similar to the matcha one with a scoop of ice cream on top but this one had grass jelly and vanilla cream on the bottom instead of sesame flavoured cream.

Strawberry Waffle: The waffle was very sweet and typical of Japanese waffle where it is coated in sugar. It tasted closer to a doughnut than a waffle. However there was a generous amount of strawberries and a large scoop of strawberry ice cream on top. It's a good dessert that is again quite filling.
L to R: Matcha Parfait, Strawberry Waffle, Black Sesame Parfait
Overall, Mimibuloveme is a solid dessert joint for after dinner. However it is not a place for a large group. Two to three people would be the ideal number to enjoy dessert here or else it might take awhile to wait for seats to open up.

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