Tuesday 14 January 2014

Mamak (Sydney Chinatown): Classic Roti and Nasi Goreng

The first time we walked by Mamak we saw a queue outside the restaurant so I searched it up online and found that it is one of the top favourites in Sydney. So we went back to give it a try but we had to queue for about 15 minutes at 5:30pm on a weekday before we were seated.

Ice coffee
Chicken Satay: The minimum order is half a dozen satay. The chicken satay was grilled to a nicely charred smokey flavour and tasted great with the peanut type sauce provided. However each skewer has little meat so half a dozen isn't a lot.

Chicken satay

Nasi Goreng: This fried rice was not too oily and included some cabbage, carrots, and shrimp pieces. Pretty solid fried rice and a decent portion.

Nasi Goreng
Classic Roti Canai: This roti was soft and came hot. There were two types of curry and chili sauce served on the side. Both of the curry choices were flavourful and differed mainly by spice level. I really enjoyed how buttery and flakey the roti was.

Classic Roti Canai

Roti with egg: The same side curry and chili sauce is served with this dish. In between each piece of roti is a very thin layer of egg. The roti with egg is not as flakey as the classic roti as this requires it to be flat to layer the egg. I preferred the classic more.

Roti with Egg
Overall the food at Mamak really is quite good. However the atmosphere is a rushed and cramped inside the restaurant so do not expect to take your time to enjoy your food. As well I found the restaurant a bit dirty as there was a flea on my menu and flies around our table.

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