Thursday 22 August 2013

Faubourg on Hornby: Macarons Galore!

Earlier in August I was disappointed to see that Faubourg on Hornby was still renovating but this time when I went it was sparkly and open! The location is a very convenient walk from the skytrain station(s) nearby.

Faubourg on Horby
The display of goodies behind the new glass casing was so pretty that I wanted to try everything! I would have eaten more if I did not already have lunch.

I haven't tried Faubourg's macarons yet so that was the "light" dessert I chose. They cost $2 each and have a good variety of flavours available. When I was there on the weekend afternoon, the macarons were flying off the shelves!

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Blackberry, Hazelnut Praline, Strawberry Black Pepper, Tahitian Vanilla Bean
From the Faubourg website I couldn't find the Blackberry one so it might be a new flavour. Here is the info about the other flavours:

Hazelnut Praline: All the flavour of a crunchy hazelnut, encased in this smooth, creamy confectionary

Strawberry Black Pepper: Listen to your taste buds and give this unique flavour option a chance

Tahitian Vanilla Bean: A light, vanilla delight made from exotic vanilla bean

My favourite was the blackberry one because it was the most aromatic and unique. Despite its name, the Strawberry Black Pepper had no pepper taste (phew!). Personally I still prefer Thierry's macarons because they are larger in circumference, chewier and less sweet. Some people may like Faubourg's macarons better because they are more fluffy on the inside.

Overall, I am excited for another patisserie location in downtown to get my dose of French baked goods!

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