Sunday 18 August 2013

Hog Shack: Allan's Mammoth Platter

Parking at Steveston is pretty horrible. On this weekday night I had to drive around for at least 15 minutes before I found free parking. There are plenty of paid parking spots though.

Hog Shack was pretty full even on a weekday which is always a good sign. The following food was shared among 10 people and we all left full!

Hog Shack interior
The Big Share Platter: kalamari, garlic shrimps, shrimp cocktail, order of wings
The kalamari and wings were good because they were freshly fried. I didn't care much for the shrimp cocktail though.

The Big Share Platter
Allan's Mammoth Platter: baby back ribs, St. Louis Side Ribs, Dino Ribs, chicken quarters, smoked brisket, pulled pork, smoked sausages, choice of 6 sides

Sides we chose: coleslaw, yam fries, Spanish rice pilaf, potato wedges, corn bread

The side were all pretty delicious, especially the yam fries and the corn bread. The rice tasted similar to the fried rice at fried chicken fast food chains.

The platter of meat all started to taste similar after awhile due to the barbeque sauce. The gem of this platter were the ribs so if I come here again I would just order back ribs and skip the chicken and sausages!

Allan's Mammoth Platter - meat
Overall it was a good dining experience here and the restaurant seated our big group comfortably.

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