Monday 26 August 2013

Qoola Plus: Exceptional Service!

After the crowds cleared at the Qoola Plus in Richmond Centre, I finally went to visit. I've had plenty of froyo before but this is my first time trying Qoola!

Got to say that I liked the ambiance upon entering. It was roomy, clean and the huge TV behind the cashier counter showed awesome clips from the 2010 Winter Olympics.

I'm not sure if it is just this Qoola location or all of them but I couldn't taste test the froyo myself. The paper cups were not placed on a table for self-serve taste testing. An employee helped me fill the tiny paper cup with the flavour I chose and handed it to me. 

There were definitely lots of good fresh fruits at Qoola which I appreciated and an assortment of other yummy toppings from candy to mochi balls.

All the staff (2 girls when I was there) were very friendly and the service was beyond a froyo place because one of the girls came by to ask how we were enjoying our froyo and then came by again when we were finished to throw our cups away for us. That is essentially restaurant service, no?

Froyo dispensers
Onto the food! I got a mix of strawberry banana, pistachio, and chocolate froyo with two toppings: cheesecake bits and coconut flakes. The texture of the froyo was nice and creamy like soft serve ice cream but the flavours offered (other than pistachio) were not too exciting. The cheesecake bits were good!

#fotd = froyo of the day
Overall, if I'm in Richmond Centre again I would probably come by for a snack. The downside to Qoola is that their point card costs $1 whereas other froyo places offer it for free. Why is that?

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