Thursday 8 August 2013

Romer's Burger Bar: Man's Man Burger

Before going to Romer's I only knew that it was famous for its burgers so I didn't expect the food and restaurant presentation to be as nice as it did. Our server was also excellent and flexible. Now onto the food!

The Best Damn Short Rib Poutine: slow cooked short ribs, gravy, cheese curds, fries
They are not afraid to make big claims on their food at Romer's and I expected nothing less with a dish name like that. Fortunately the poutine didn't disappoint. Although I wouldn't claim it as the best poutine I've ever eaten, it certainly is the best short rib poutine I've eaten. The gravy was not too salty (unlike many poutinerie gravies) and the cheese melted slightly. However, if you prefer the "squeaky" cheese curds of Quebec then the cheese here would be too melted for you.

The Best Damn Short Rib Poutine
The Man's Man Burger "The Best Damn Burger to Ever Hit Your Lips": bacon, cheddar, onion strings, tomato, mustard
Here is another hefty claim by Romer's saying that the Man's Man Burger is the best and I've got to agree. The burger was juicy without getting all over my hands and the onion strings were super crunchy which added an extra texture to the burger. The brioche bun was soft, buttery and slightly sweet. The juice from the meat, tomatoes and mustard sauce mixed together nicely. I would definitely eat this again.

The Man's Man Burger
Magic Mushroom Burger: angus beef, portobello mushrooms, onions, herb garlic Boursin, bay arugula 
The Magic Mushroom was good but underwhelming compared to the Man's Man Burger. The mushroom was slightly burnt and personally I didn't prefer the arugula taste.

Magic Mushroom
Overall I had a great time eating here and want to try one of their fish burgers next time!

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