Wednesday 14 August 2013

Thai Basil: Pad Thai, Pad Gra Prow, Pad See-Ew

Upon recommendation we went to Thai Basil for dinner. If not told, I don't think I would have noticed this restaurant around the corner because it is very small (seats approximately 10-13 people inside). The tables inside were too small for our group of four so we sat outside on the sidewalk which was fine because it was a nice summer evening.

Thai Basil opened a second location on Cornwell, I wonder if that one is bigger? Anywho, onto the food!

Green Curry with Eggplants (choice of chicken, beef, tofu or pork): medium spiced green curry, eggplants, basil
This was a simple but colourful dish with the aromatic coconut milk made green curry and plenty of rice on the side.

Green Curry with Eggplants
Pad Gra Prow: minced meat, chili, garlic, holy basil
I was told that this is a popular dish among Thai teenagers because it is such a quick, easy and tasty meal. The minced pork is actually quite spicy with the peppers mixed in. There is fish oil on the side for more taste.

Pad Gra Pow
Pad See-Ew with beef: rice noodle wok fried with gai lan, sprouts, cabbage, carrots, egg
This dish actually tasted very Chinese-style to me with the rice noodles and gai lan but the sauce is sweeter than the typical Chinese savoury noodles.

Pad See-Ew
Pad Thai: Rice noodle wok fried with sprouts, egg, green onions, tofu, tiger prawns, crushed peanuts, cilantro
This dish was tangy (slightly sour) which made it appealing and not too filling despite all the carbs from the noodles. The tofu soaked up all the sauce and there was plenty of crushed peanuts on the side for the nut lovers.

Pad Thai
Fish cake: deep fried fish cakes mixed with curry paste, lime leaves, green bean, sweet chili sauce
While eating this I honestly couldn't tell which part was fish. The texture was like those pan fried squid cakes at the nightmarket. The fish cakes aren't spicy at all and are a pretty good starter to the meal.

Fish cake
Overall, Thai Basil is a great place for good and affordable Thai food but do not come with too many friends! Two to at most three people would be the perfect number to eat here.

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